I was born in Moldova in 1974 and have two living children. The economy is so bad there that when a friend offered me work in Turkey, I didn’t hesitate to accept because I couldn’t afford to support my family. I planned to work for a while and then come back and take care of my children. My friend took care of all the arrangements, the passport, the tickets, the visa, and took care of all the expenses. I was told that some- one named Veysel would meet me at the Antalya airport and take me to my new job. I thought Veysel was someone that my new employer sent to help me. Instead, he took my passport and took me to a village. They took me to a house where there was a Moldovan woman who told me that I’d been brought here to work in the sex industry. I said I didn’t want to do that and I wanted to go back home. They put a gun to my head and threatened me, and then they beat me. They told me if I didn’t consent, they would kill me.

They kept me locked in the house and brought customers to me. There were a few other girls in the house, too. Once, when there were only three of us in the house, nine clients came. One girl took one client, the next girl took two men, and then I had to have the remaining six men. One day, the Moldovan woman took me to a hotel for a client. I called the La Strada hotline in my country and asked for help. La Strada told me to call 157, the helpline in Turkey. I called 157 and told the operator where I was and that I needed help. The 157 helpline operators called the Antalya police, and they came and rescued me. I was taken to a shelter in Istanbul. I wanted to go back home. I declared that I voluntarily wished to return to Moldova. All I wanted was to be with my mother and children.



IOM Turkey victim interview, 2005