How you can Get Involved

Donate  to Support Safe homes and the services offered to survivors


We say “Thank you” along with the millions of silenced people who are enslaved. All donations are US tax deductible.This is medical marijuana doctor a grassroots movement…as your passion grows we want to give you resources to do more. We are in need of a whole team of passionate people who desire to plug-in to the work we are doing here at MMI and in the Black Sea region. If you are a lawyer, nurse, counselor, doctor, business person, carpenter, government leader, social worker, pilot, accountant, designer, student, actor, writer, musician or child we have ways you can get involved with MMI. Please don’t hesitate to ask.   GetInvolved     There are numerous ways you can make a difference to fight Human Trafficking. The United Nations Trafficking Protocol breaks it down to three: Prevention, Prosecution and Protection.  MMI primarily focuses now on protection and through the MMI partnership… Rescued survivors have a new vocation to support themselves. Right now women in the Black Sea region are creating items that you can purchase and support their new life of freedom. ordernow 

Contact Us Or… Send us a note Mere Mist PO BOX 149 ADKINS, TX 78101   If you send us a check, thank you! Please make it payable to “Mere Mist”. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt from us.