Human Trafficking Basics

If you are new to the  topic of Human Trafficking your Mere Mist team is here for you to get info on the basics.


Why is MMI focused on efforts in the Black Sea Region?
This region is a natural port for traffickers because it is strategically located between Asia and Europe.  Women from struggling former Soviet states are often targeted by traffickers and have become widely exported from their homeland and forced into the sex trade . “Women are recruited at home with the promise of (conventional) employment,” said Allan Freedman. “Once they are across the border their passports are taken away and they are beaten and raped and forced into prostitution.” Read more from the International Herald Tribune.


Read for yourself the frightening real-life stories of Women Trafficked into just one country of the Black Sea Region…

“Anya’s Story”
Anya was seven months pregnant when she was offered a job in Turkey for two months as a babysitter; She was sold into prostitution the day she arrived in Turkey. She was beaten when she tried to escape…
 Read her story…




“Teens’ dreams Shattered” 
We were forced to work long hours and consume drinks together with clients. We were tired, intoxicated and disgusted by the job but had no choice.

Read their stories…




“A Desperate Mother’s Story 
I said I didn’t want to do that and I wanted to go back home. They put a gun to my head and threatened me, and then they beat me. They told me if I didn’t consent, they would kill me.
 Read her story…




What are the goals for MMI in the region?

MMI set out to be instrumental in creating places of retreat and safety for women to escape the trappings of being prostituted and/or trafficked.

  • The Black Sea is in the center of Europe and Asia. This area of the world is a natural port of entry used by traffickers to “export their merchandise” (women) all over the world.
  • Passionate about protecting these women, we have chosen to be the financial providers of safe housing for the survivors in this region who are seeking their freedom.
  • Every safe home is a place focused on meeting the needs of the whole person; physically, mentally and spiritually to re-create a healthy, full lifestyle.
  •  MMI partners with a small group of full- time, dedicated advocates that are already providing these women with vocational training, informal counseling & mentoring services.
  • To complete the recovery program, medical care and professional therapy are services still needed, but not yet funded.  MMI will continue trying to raise funds to supply these two vital services, and to open more safe homes.