One apartment start-up cost is $5000 which includes rent, security deposit and furnishings.

Once opened, that apartment requires $1000 – $1200 each month for rent plus $350 in utilities.  This provides 3 women with freedom and a safe home. That is only a cost of $9,200 to keep one woman safe for an entire year!  $765 a month a woman!

MMI seeks to have each victim recover fully and become independent.  Women have the opportunity to earn money by learning to make personalized accessories, including jewelry.  Every woman is paid at a fair wage that allows her to take care of her personal needs as well as save while living in the safe home and in the recovery process. Once a woman is mentally, emotionally, and fiscally able (typically in 9-12 months) she is able to move out and become fully independent while maintaining the relationships of positive support.

MMI seeks to support 10 safe homes next year. THIS IS POSSIBLE! If 400 advocates give $57 a month, FREEDOM and RESTORATION will be offered to 30 WOMEN!

MMI has NO OVERHEAD costs so 100% of 501(c) (3) gifts are used for life changing purposes. Any gift amount is appreciated and all donations are tax deductable.